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WTCA Launches Major Platform at 16th China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT)

Aug 28, 2012 5:45:46 PM    

NEW YORK, U.S.A.  ( August 24, 2012) –  The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) is pleased to announce that Mr. Ghazi Abu Nahl,  Chairman of WTCA, and Mr. Eric Dahl, CEO of WTCA, will be  join ing  80 delegates of 16 World Trade Centers  (WTCs) from North America, Asia and the Greater China region to attend   the 16th  China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT) in Xiamen, China. Organized by the Ministry of Commerce of China, CIFIT is a top international investment and trade p latform in China, which is held annually from September 8 -11.

In recognition of the event’s  importance, WTCA entered into a strategic partnership with the CIFIT Organizing Committee last September. With the full support of CIFIT and WTC teams from the Gr eater China region, WTCA will  establish   a p avilion to showcase its   global network and the presence of participating WTC s.  It will  also organize  a forum  featuring WTC core functionalities, and keynote speaker,  M r. Long Yongtu, who is a member of  the  Council  of Advisors, Boao Forum for Asia ;  and former Chief Negotiator and Vice Minister of MOFTEC of China .

“It is my distinguished pleasure to join my colleagues at the  CIFIT  in Xiamen, China. As one of the top international providers of trade facilities and services, the  WTCA   is committed to prosperity through trade and investment, which perfectly aligns with the mission of CIFIT.  T he WTCA worked closely  with CIFIT Organizing Committee to promote CIFIT throughout our worldwide network in the past year.  I invit e everything to  visit our  p avilion , attend forum, meet our trade mission participants, and   learn about  WTCA’s endeavors to facilitate international trade and investment  during its 42 year history,” said Mr. Abu Nahl.

"The development of China has been phe nomenal in the past three decades. As a long -term   partner   of China,  WTCA is pleased to leverage the prominence of  CIFIT to demonstrate its   increasing role as a premier provider of  international trade facility and service s.  We fully believe that the growth of   the WTC s  in China will  contribute greatly   to China’s unprecedented urbanization and economic development, ” said Mr. Dahl.

The WTCA program  at CIFIT is sponsored and supported by WTC Beijing, China WTC, WTC Nanjing, WTC Quanzhou, WTC San Diego, Taipei W TC and WTC Wuxi.  Participating WTCs include WTC Beijing, WTC Changchun (option), WTC Chengdu, China WTC, WTC Chongqing, WTC Dandong, WTC Jiaxing, WTC Manila, WTC Nanjing, WTC Quanzhou, WTC San Diego, WTC Tacoma, WTC Taichung, Taipei WTC, WTC Tiajin, WTC Wuxi.

About WTCA:

Founded in 1970, the World Trade Centers Association is a nonprofit, non-political association dedicated to the establishment and effective operation of World Trade Centers as instruments for the promotion of international trade. Currently , there are more than 330 World Trade Centers in nearly 100 countries around the world. Served by each of these World Trade Centers is a growing list of an estimated hundreds of thousands of businesses all in pursuit of new customers, sources of supply and opportunities for investment.  For more information, please visit .

About CIFIT:

Approved by China’s State Council and sponsored solely by China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), the China International Fair for Investment and Trade is the on ly international investment promoting event featuring two- way investment facili tation in China. For the past 15   years, exhibiting countries or regions convene in Xiamen, China at this annual exposition for a series of activities including professional busi ness matchmaking, forums and seminars. CIFIT serves not only as an important gateway for China to attract foreign investment, but also as a bridge for outbound investment to Chinese businesses. For more information, please visit