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2012 WTCA Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) Post Event Report

Apr 5, 2012 3:22:30 PM    

Dear Valued Members:

On behalf of my colleagues at WTCA Headquarters, I would like to thank everyone for your participation in the 2012 WTCA Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting held February 22 – 24th in Beijing, China. Our program hosts, the China World Trade Center and the World Trade Center Beijing, are to be commended on their outstanding coordination of effort and preparations in development of this forum. They worked diligently with WTCA to forge an agenda that addressed many of the priority subjects that are of importance to World Trade Centers throughout Asia, as well as our entire network.
Below is a brief recap of the highlights that defined the 2012 WTCA Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting:

The Delegates
The meeting attracted more than 150 representatives from a record 30 World Trade Centers (WTCs) from more than 10 countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. This distinction made it one of the largest regional meetings in WTCA’s history. The meeting was attended by WTCA Board Members, WTC representatives, government officials and business representatives from Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and North America, including more than 110 delegates from WTCs, an 18-member business delegation organized by WTC Moscow, and representatives from five Chinese cities, which showed strong interest in applying to bring a WTC to their respective communities. The Yangzhou city government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a WTC during the meeting.
To view the roster of participants who attended, click here.

The Speakers
This year’s presenters were drawn from WTCA headquarters, leading WTCs from throughout Asia-Pacific and beyond, and experts on regional economy, investment and business. The opening ceremony was presented by Mr. Wang Chao, Vice Minister of Commerce of China, and Mr. Gou Zhongwen, Vice Mayor of Beijing. In his remarks, Mr. Wang Chao predicted that China was going to import more than a trillion US dollars worth of foreign goods in the next five years, which made the headlines in hundreds of Chinese news media outlets along with the APRM news. Dr. Pei Changhong, one of the top Chinese economists and Director of the Institute of Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a leading Chinese think tank, gave a keynote speech on the economic and trade prospects of China and Asia Pacific under the background of economic globalization. Mr. Jim Zimmerman, Emeritus Chairman of American Chamber of Commerce China, Mr. Li Hu, Deputy Secretary General of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, and Mr. Shang Wei, Director of Beijing Foreign Investment Service Center, spoke at a special “Doing Business in China” roundtable.

The Sessions
Themed “Connect with Worldwide WTCA Network,” the two-day regional meeting mainly focused on the subject of building a successful WTC, with sessions including a WTCA progress report by Mr. Robert J. Frueh, Executive Vice President of WTCA, an introduction of WTCA service platforms by Mr. Scott Wang, WTCA
Business Development Executive, Asia, and sharing of WTC best practices in branding strategy, WTC club service, WTC exhibition services, WTC services and WTC real estate/facility services. A roundtable between WTCA management/attending WTCA Board Members and the membership base facilitated the communication between members and management/board. The Greater China group meeting gave a summary of WTCA’s work in the region in the past year and the plan for the new year. Many international delegates found that the “Doing Business in China” session was very helpful. The meeting also featured introductions of major upcoming events such as the Moscow General Assembly, EMEA regional meeting, and WTCA Access China 2012 program. The WTC Metro Manila presented its application to host 2013 APRM and was approved by the attending delegates.
To view the presentations made during each of the sessions, click here.

Incorporated into the two-day sessions were multiple opportunities - during the welcome reception dinner, breaks and luncheons - to network and exchange ideas. The opportunity to learn from each other and to engage in further dialogue on important issues has been one of the long-standing hallmarks of the WTCA regional meetings and WTCA events in general worldwide.
To view the photographs of each day’s activities, click here.

China Trademark Taskforce Meeting
Based on a special WTCA Board mandate, a special China Trademark Taskforce was formed to address important trademark issues and strategies for the Chinese market. The first meeting was held on February 22 and a report of strategic recommendation will be presented at the next WTCA Board meeting in April.

Tour of China WTC and Cultural Night
A special tour was arranged to visit the grand facilities of China WTC, which includes three Shangri-La branded upscale hotels – one of them is located in the China World Summit Wing, the highest landmark building in Beijing – two top-notch office buildings, two apartments, and retail and exhibition space. The Cultural Night on February 23 gave the delegates a splendid experience of traditional Chinese cultural shows and performances.

Program Surveys & Member Feedback
WTCA’s commitment to invite member input into the future of the Association was further evidenced by opportunities for participants to submit suggestions to the WTCA management and the Board of Directors, and the specific programs and projects with which they would need help from WTCA and WTCs. WTCA surveyed the participants throughout the sessions to get their reaction to how useful the information was to their needs. The preliminary results of the survey data are strong with overall satisfaction with the event as either satisfied or very satisfied with the vast majority being very satisfied with the overall APRM experience.
The 2012 WTCA Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting was a great success and by many accounts one of the best yet. WTCA would like to thank the hosting WTCs for their tremendous efforts, the speakers, and each and every delegate for their investment of time and effort to participate. One of the greatest honors we have as your
Association is the privilege of serving you and working hand-in-hand together to build the strongest and most vibrant network of WTCs possible.

More WTCA Regional Meetings are scheduled for 2012:

2012 WTCA Americas Regional Meeting

The 2012 WTCA Americas Regional Meeting is scheduled for April 18-20 and will be co-hosted by the World Trade Center San Diego and World Trade Center Tijuana. Delegates will experience one full day of instruction at each World Trade Center.
WTC managers and staffs from throughout North, Central and South America will convene to discuss issues of common interest, ranging from a focus on the trade environment throughout the Americas to an exchange of best practices among leading World Trade Centers, followed by a focus on the WTC brand, corporate affinity partnerships and building brand loyalty. Also on the agenda: an expanded session on building sponsorships and examining various strategies from WTCs throughout the Americas to attract sponsorship support for WTC activities. Finally, a session on creating an extraordinary member experience will be shared by selected WTCs, and WTCA will reaffirm its commitment to redefining the membership experience for its members worldwide.
Delegates to the WTCA Regional Meeting of the Americas are reminded that this meeting will take place both in the United States and Mexico, so proper visas and entry documents will be required for both countries in order to fully participate in this conference.
For more information on the WTCA Americas Regional Meeting, click here.

2012 WTCA Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Meeting

The 2012 WTCA Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Meeting will take place May 30 – June 1 and will be hosted by the World Trade Center Cape Town. Peer-to-peer dialogues through various workshops and networking among WTC managers and key staff will help further the cooperation and exchange among WTCs throughout these vast and growing regions.
The meeting will also coincide with the Future of Trade Africa 2012 conference in Cape Town.
For more information on the WTCA Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Meeting, click here.
We look forward to seeing you at a future WTCA-sanctioned event.

Most sincerely,
Scott Wang
WTCA Business Development Executive, Asia