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Executive Vice President WTCA

Apr 5, 2012 3:12:49 PM    

Dear Esteemed Colleagues:
  It is my great pleasure to welcome each of you to the 2012 WTCA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting.
  This is the first of three regional meetings planned throughout the World Trade Center network for 2012, with forums slated for World Trade Centers in the Americas in April and those in Europe, Africa and the Middle East in May. Regional meetings afford each of us an opportunity to discuss issues of mutual importance that are fundamental to running a successful World Trade Center in today's fast-paced global economy.
  It is our sincere hope that by the conclusion of this year's content-rich forum, each of you will leave with a renewed appreciation for the uniqueness of our brand and how to further leverage our global network of World Trade Centers to advance your operations back in your own communities. While the challenges we face are seemingly great, the opportunities that await us and the businesses we serve are fundamentally greater.
  Our program hosts the China World Trade Center and the World Trade Center Beijing are to be commended on their outstanding coordination of effort and preparations in development of this forum.
They have worked diligently with WTCA to forge an agenda that will address many of the priority subjects that are of importance to World Trade Centers throughout Asia, as well as our entire network.
  We have a great program planned. We are pleased that you are with us. Enjoy the conference and welcome to Beijing.
Most sincerely,
Robert J. Frueh
Executive Vice President