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Zhang Gang vice president of the delegation met with the provincial government of France Aude

Apr 5, 2012 3:06:46 PM    

October 27, by the French General Commission Vice President Aude, Carcassonne Aude capital city of the metropolitan area Mr. Alain Tarlier led the government delegation visited the Beijing World Trade Center . CCPIT Vice Chairman Zhang Gang, Beijing, Mr.Xu Baoguo the president of World Trade Center, and held friendly talks delegation and discussed further cooperation in future issues.

Aude in southeast France, south of Spain and the Mediterranean Sea, France Languedoc - Roussillon region under the jurisdiction of a province located in the capital city of Carcassonne. Carcassonne City is a fortress city of Carcassonne castle known as the city existing in Europe's largest and best preserved castles, length of 3 kilometers, in 1997 the UNESCO list of World Heritage, attracts every year 4 million tourists come to visit the world. Aude has historical monuments, the French wine, food and many other tourist and cultural resources.
  Odd Provincial Delegation of France was the first visit to Beijing, its main purpose is to strengthen cooperation with Beijing in the cultural, tourism, business and other fields. Carcassonne City is preparing now in July 2011 Fireworks Festival held in Europe and Central Europe's largest cultural festival, the main purpose of this visit is to invite our center organized during the Beijing Cultural Festival in the cultural and creative industries to showcase and exchange.

Zhang Gang, vice president of the CCPIT, Culture Expo Organizing Committee, Beijing Representative Office, the invitation of the French side expressed thanks. Zhang Gang, vice president pointed out that we are willing to strengthen the culture of Beijing and Aude, tourism, economic and trade cooperation to make positive efforts. On specific forms of cooperation, we suggest, first invited to France in our upcoming "Fifth China Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo" on display, publicity Aude cultural tourism resources and promote next year's Cultural Festival activities; in the first half of 2011, the proposed city of Carcassonne in a promotion held in Beijing, specializes in the promotion Carcassonne Aude and the city of tourism, culture, food and other resources, I only helped organize the relevant media, government departments and corporate members to join; in July 2011 between, we will organize a cultural and creative enterprises in Beijing and non-material cultural heritage project, composed of Beijing Cultural Festival to participate in cultural and creative development, focusing on the city's cultural and creative industries showcase the latest achievements , using the festival platform to promote cultural and creative enterprises to go out in our city, to deepen international exchanges and cooperation.
  France put forward concrete cooperation of our recommendations fully agreed that the future will maintain close contact, and strive to cooperate smoothly in accordance with the intent to promote the Aude, Carcassonne City and Beijing and the development of China exchanges in various fields, expand bilateral in-depth economic and cultural cooperation.