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Chapter I.   General Principles
Article 1. Name
Beijing World Trade Center
Article 2. Legal status
The Center is a non-profit organization providing various services to promote cooperation between Beijing and the international world in economic and technological fields and facilitate development of international trade.
Article 3. Organization
1.   The Center is a regular member of the World Trade Center Association which is headquartered in New York.
2.   The Center is co-founded by CCPIT Beijing Sub-Council, Beijing Foreign Trade (Imp. & Exp.) Corporation and leading organizations of industrial and commercial enterprises in Beijing
3. The Center has set up a board of directors consisting of 1 director-general, several vice director-generals, several executive directors and several directors. Members of the board of directors will be elected and agreed by founders and members of the Center.
4. The board of directors has the supreme power over the Center and it has several departments to take charge of daily business of the Center.
5. The Center will set up a post of honorary president, which will be assumed by a celebrity invited by the board of directors from the economic and trading world.
6. The board of directors of the Center has tenure of 3 years and may be reelected.
Article 4. Objectives
1.   To provide information and services for development of international trade and international economic and technological cooperation;
2. To promote mutual understanding and cooperation between members of the World Trade Center Association; to introduce needs of the members for economic and technological cooperation as well as import and export trades to other world trade centers around the globe; to provide preferential services for members coming to Beijing from other countries and regions to deal in economic and business activities;
3. To assist the members with development of economic and trading relations with other countries/regions; to promote friendly cooperation between traders and businessmen from different countries/regions.
Chapter II. Members
Article 5. Enrollment principles
Members join the center on the basis of free will for both enrollment and withdrawal.
Article 6.  Component of Members
All and any foreign trade enterprises, industrial & mining enterprises, commercial enterprises, financial institutions, Sino-foreign jointly funded and cooperative enterprises, and offices of foreign enterprises in Beijing; other organizations, enterprises and individuals dealing in foreign trades, may apply for joining in the Center.
Article 7. Classification of Members
Member herein shall be classified into honorary members, group members and individual members.
Honorary members refer to enterprises, organizations and individuals invited by the Center for their contributions to fulfillment of the Objectives, including Chinese from Hong Kong and Macau, overseas Chinese and foreign celebrities.
Group members refer to companies, enterprises and organizations registered in Beijing and dedicated to fulfillment of the Objectives. Group members shall authorize 2-3 representatives to participate on behalf of them in the activities of the Center; a written certificate of authorization shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for each representative. Group members shall notify the Board of Directors in writing of any change in their representatives.
Individual members refer to persons in charge of companies, enterprises and organizations registered in Beijing and dedicated to fulfillment of the Objectives.
Article 8.  Enrollment procedures
Candidate members shall submit a written application to the Board of Directors and become regular members upon receipt of the membership certificate after the application is reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors.
Article 9. Termination of membership
1. The Board of Directors shall be entitled to terminate the membership, provided that the member concerned fails to pay the membership dues on timely basis.
2. The Board of Directors shall be entitled to terminate the membership, provided that the member concerned has committed breach of the rules of the Center for more than one time.
3. A written notice shall be submitted to the Board of Directors upon waiver of membership.

Article 10  
The membership certificate must be returned to the Board of Directors upon termination, cancelation or waiver of the membership. The member(s) concerned may not exercise rights of members or receive membership services any longer.
Chapter III  Rights & Obligations of Members
Article 11.  Rights of members
The members have the rights to:
1. participate in the activities of the Center;
2. receive services provided by the Center for the members;
3. as to group members and individual members, elect and to be elected Director of the Center;
4. supervise financial expenditure of the Center.
Article 12.  Obligations of Members
The members have the obligations to:
1. comply with the articles of association and rules of the Center; pay the dues on timely basis;
2. regularly provide information on economic projects for the Center;
3. publicize the Objectives, enlarge influence of the Center and provide support for activities of the Center.
Chapter IV. Membership dues
Article 13.
The Center is financially independent and dues paid by the members make the major source of revenue for the center. The rates for membership dues are determined and subject to adjustments by the Board of Directors.
Article 14.  Current rates for membership dues
Honorary members:   financial assistance provided voluntarily
Group members: lump-sum payment of RMB500 as membership dues; RMB1500 paid annually as membership fees
Individual members: lump-sum payment of RMB500 as membership dues; RMB1000 paid annually as membership fees
Domestic members shall pay the dues in RMB while foreign members and members from Hong Kong and Macau (including their representative offices in Beijing) shall pay the dues in foreign currency or foreign exchange RMB.
Article 15. 
The membership dues shall be paid in January in each year.
Article 16.
Dues paid up by members whose membership has been terminated, canceled or waived will not be refunded.
Chapter V.  Services
Article 17.
The Center will provide the following services for the members:
1. economic and trading consultation services;
2. introducing business scope, product categories and production plans of the members to other World Trade Centers; assisting the members with organization of overseas fairs of negotiations;
3. introducing economic & technological cooperators and trading partners; arranging business negotiations and visits to attractive projects for the members;
4. providing trading information, publications and data of World Trade Center Association, other World Trade Centers and this Center;
5. serving as a platform for the members to communicate with other World Trade Centers;
6. delivering information, receiving & transmitting faxes and telegraphs, printing, copying and translating documents for the members;
7. hosting various seminars, exhibitions, international conventions etc.; arranging and providing sites for the members; providing secretarial and translating services;
8. providing sites and facilities of the Center at preferential rates for the members;
9. providing formal visa invitations, making arrangements for banquets, and booking hotels, air tickets, boat tickets and railway tickets for the members;
10. handling other affairs for the members on commission basis.
Chapter VI.  Annual Meeting
Article 18.
The Center shall hold an annual meeting each year, for which the specific time and location shall be determined by the Board of Directors.
Chapter VII. Miscellaneous
Article 19.
Any interpretation and modification of the Articles of Association must be made by the Board of Directors.
Article 20.
The Articles of Association shall take effect as of the date on which it is approved by the first session of the General Meeting.
Article 21.
Revisions have been made to Article 1 and Article 3 of Chapter I, Article 2 of Chapter II, and Article 14 of Chapter IV and approved by the second session of the General Meeting.