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Apr 17, 2014 3:43:00 PM    

Haocheng Zhang, Deputy Director of WTC Beijing

Haocheng Zhang

1999 Project manager of exhibition center of CCPIT Beijing;
2003 Project manager of the ministry of large-scale activities, CCPIT Beijing;
2004 Project manager of the ministry of technology exhibition, CCPIT Beijing;
2009 Assistant operating officer of Beijing world trade center.
2011 Deputy director of the Beijing World Trade Center.

Yan Yuan, Deputy Director of WTC Beijing

Yan Yuan

Since July 1996,she has worked with the Capital Library of China(CLCN). She has acted as the Head of Information Consultation Department of CLCN since April 2007. From September 2009 she has served as Third Secretary and Second Secretary of Cultural Affairs Office diplomat in the Chinese Embassy to the Czech Republic.

Since January 2013, she has been the Head of International Cooperation Department of CLCN. Since October 2015, she has acted as Deputy Director of World Trade Center Beijing.

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