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2010 The 1st TaiWan Excellence fine jewelry Fair was

Mar 22, 2012 3:47:35 PM    

Approval of the Ministry of Commerce, organized by the CCPIT Beijing, Beijing's Taiwan Affairs Office, Taiwan's China Jewelry Association supports the Beijing World Trade Center and Taichung World Trade Center, jointly sponsored the "2010 Beijing Famous-cum-first fine jewelry trade fair in Taiwan" in 2010 December 16-19 at the China World Trade Centre. Zhang Gang, vice chairman of CCPIT Beijing, Taichung World Trade Center Chenhong Yue, general manager, president of the Beijing World Trade Center XU Bao-guo, Liu Hui, Beijing, Taiwan Affairs Office and other guests attended the opening ceremony and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Fair. Beijing's Taiwan Affairs Office is also represented at the opening ceremony and visited the fair.

The 1st Taiwan excellence fine jewelry fair stands 3,000 square meters, 150 booths, a total of 136 exhibitors from Taiwan. Display area is divided into jewelry, fine gifts area, taste the living area, agro-food area, health care and other five major exhibition areas, all exhibits are transported from Taiwan to Beijing exhibition of the original. Taichung World Trade Center following the Taipei World Trade Center after the second World Trade Center in Taiwan, aims to assist business and industry in central and southern Taiwan to expand foreign trade, the joint efforts of all forces to enhance the international competitiveness of central and southern manufacturers.

The Fair is the first time in recruiting the World Trade Center Taichung Taiwan cities and counties, especially in central and southern Taiwan to Beijing Famous manufacturers to bring high quality exhibitors. Fair to Beijing and the general public to understand the business more high-quality products in Taiwan, Beijing has been the active participation of the general public. According to the site to incomplete statistics, nearly ten thousand people audience flow, on-site turnover of nearly 500 million yuan. Fair also received media attention across the Straits, China Central Television, China National Radio, Channel TV, Taiwan, Eastern Television, Era Television, Beijing Youth Daily, Beijing Evening News are all related to the fair were reported.

This trade fair is the first time co-hosted by the cross-strait World Trade Centers, also the cross-strait ECFA (Note: ECFA to cross-strait economic cooperation framework agreement) after the signing of the agreement, Beijing and Taiwan of a successful cooperation. Fair held in Beijing and surrounding areas to deepen the quality of goods on the broad understanding of Taiwan, help Taiwan's high-quality goods to enter the mainland market, promote the deepening of cross-strait economic and trade exchanges and cooperation.