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The 10th China specialt Festival Geographical indications and the first Chinese Cult

Mar 22, 2012 3:44:00 PM    

On December 15-17 2010, the specialty Chinese Culture Festival Organizing Committee, China Techanzhixiang-cum-campaign committee recommended the Chinese newspaper industry association, the Chinese specialty newspapers and CCPIT jointly hosted in Beijing, State Administration for Industry General Administration and Trademark Office, investment Promotion Agency of Ministry of Commerce jointly supported "The 10th China Cultural Festival and the first Chinese specialty GI culture Festival" held in Beijing.

Session of the thirteenth CPC Central Committee member of the Political Bureau, the nine vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Chinese products Cultural Festival Organizing Committee Director Mr.Yang Rudai announced the Cultural Festival opens. Fu Shuangjian, the deputy director general of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, investment promotion agency of Ministry of Commerce Secretary Liu Zuozhang, Cao Hengwu of chairman of association of Chinese industry newspaper, Zhai Huisheng National Association of secretary of leading Party group, China specialty news President Liu Zhen and other leaders attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

Zhang Gang, vice president of CCPIT Beijing on behalf of the organizers at the opening ceremony. Zhang pointed out that the president, held the Ninth Festival for the first time in China and Chinese specialty geographical indications jointly organized the festival, marking the industry started with Chinese characteristics, Chinese trademark system is a combination of geographical indications. Implementation of the protection of geographical indications system is in China's accession to WTO, China's agriculture and forestry play a long history of the advantages, to seize the commanding heights of world intellectual property rights, protection and development of modern agricultural economy, a strong point to solve the core of rural issues and key measures. CCPIT has been for many years especially for China's industry and geographical indications of products give great importance to IPR protection and support, and will continue to spread the use of CCPIT in the country and the world's trade promotion network, through the issuance of the origin of internationally recognized that, through the organization of product development with Chinese characteristics, Chinese geographical indications product development, as well as the lead organization of local businesses, chambers of commerce the opportunity to participate in various world exhibitions, special industries and promote Chinese products in the world on geographical indications of popularity and influence.

Organizing this festival, especially for the development of China's industry, popularization and promotion of China's policy of trademark protection of geographical indications and geographical indication, for the Chinese in China to carry out geographical indications identified as the core of local products and property rights protection and promotion of industrial structure adjustment and transformation of the mode of production, industrial development with Chinese characteristics and create a new situation, will play a positive role in promoting.