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Russia and China National Exhibition

Mar 22, 2012 3:38:25 PM    

Hu Jintao and Putin took photos in Beijing Pavilion of China National Exhibition
――A successful completion of the organization of the Beijing Pavilion of China National Exhibition in Russia
Entrusted by the municipal government, we have successfully undertaken the organization of the Beijing Pavilion of China National Exhibition held in Moscow, Russia, on Mar 27—30. Hu Jintao, the Chinese President, and Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, who attended the opening ceremony of the Exhibition came to the Beijing Pavilion and watched the models of “Bird Nest” and “Water Cube” in spirits. Moreover, they took pictures before the Fuwa, the Beijing Olympic Mascots. Wu Yi, the Vice Premier, and Bo Xilai, the Commerce Minister, paid separate visits to the Beijing Pavilion and praised the organization of the Beijing Pavilion.
The “China National Exhibition” was the most important event in the “China Year” activities held in 2007 in Moscow. It was also the biggest exhibition held abroad by the Chinese Government, as well as exhibition with the most extensive aspects. The exhibition area totaled more than 20,000 square meters, covering more than 15,000 products in over 30 industries, including energy, machinery manufacturing, automobile, and household appliances. The regional pavilions including Beijing Pavilion showcased the rapid economic and social development and high-tech industries in different areas in China with distinct layouts and exhibits.
The main structure of the Beijing Pavilion looks like the well-known Great Wall. The whole exhibition area is simple and broad, fully embodying the confidence of China and the openness of Beijing. The themes of the exhibition are “a cultural Beijing, a developing Beijing, an Olympic Beijing and an open Beijing”. It highlighted the historical and cultural heritage of Beijing, the future development plans, the new Olympic Beijing, and the opening of Beijing (economic and trade cooperation with Russia). There were also the models of Olympic venues and large Olympic mascots, which attracted many visitors. During the 4-day exhibition, Beijing Pavilion has received nearly 20,000 visitors from both home and abroad and handed out nearly 10,000 brochures and souvenirs. This exhibition has fully showcased Beijing, enhanced the understanding of Beijing by Russian people, and laid a good foundation for further economic and trade cooperation between Beijing and Russia.